O3 ozono médico

Ozonette Dental course Clinical fundamentals and protocols

With Dr.:
Francisco Javier Hidalgo Tallón

Curso Ozonette Dental

How to get the most out of your Ozonette Dental

This 2-hour Ozonette Dental course is specifically designed to get the most out of the first medical ozone generator for dentists. The Ozonette Dental is a device that produces medical ozone, which provides scientific evidence, efficacy, and the ability to safely infiltrate healthy and pathological tissues, surgical sites and lesions. We have designed clear and concise protocols and recommendations according to the different adjustment parameters offered by this generator. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

With this guide we offer you to get to know the Ozonette in the best possible way:

Fast and efficient

The first lesson covers the basics of medical ozone therapy and its different forms of application in dentistry (gaseous ozone, ozonated water and ozonated oils). In the second session, the specifications of the Ozonette Dental are explained, including recommendations for use and adjustment for each case according to the different treatments in dental surgery, prosthetics, aesthetics, endodontics, surgery, periodontics, implantology or oral medicine.

With scientific evidence

The whole course is supported by practical examples and indexed publications.

We make it easy for you

At the end of the course, a summary table is provided so professionals can easily apply in their clinics.

Intended Audience

ozonette dental para dentista


ozonette dental para médico


ozonette dental para dentista

Dental Hygienist

ozonette dental para dentista

Dental Practice Assistant

More details about our therapy guide

Discover the benefits of dental ozonette in clinical practice!

CV Author - Dr. Hidalgo Tallón

Picture of Dr. Francisco Javier Hidalgo Tallón
Dr. Francisco Javier Hidalgo Tallón

Clinalgia Group Medical Directo

  • Graduated in Medicine (University of Granada).
  • Graduated in Dentistry (University of Granada).
  • Specialist in Stomatology (Complutense University of Madrid).
  • PhD in Medicine (University of Granada.
  • Neuroscience Institute).
  • Postgraduate training in Implantology and
  • Periodontology at the New York College of Dentistry.
  • Postgraduate training in the Orofacial Pain Department at the University of Kentucky.
  • Postgraduate training in the Ozone Therapy
  • Research Center in La Habana.
  • Master in Implantology, Oral Rehabilitation and Biomaterials (University of Paris XV).
  • University Expert in Anti-aging Medicine (University of Seville).
  • University Expert in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound (International University of La Rioja).
  • University expert in Anaesthesiology and Pain Therapy (CEU Cardenal Herrera University).
  • Collaborating lecturer at various national and international universities on topics related to craniofacial pain, fibromyalgia, and pain with central sensitivity.
  • Associate Researcher at the Neurosciences Institute of the University of Granada.
  • Member, since its constitution, of the Research Group on Headaches,
  • Fibromyalgia and Psychotropic Diseases of the Andalusian Regional Government.
  • Co-author of numerous articles in international journals.
  • Co-director of several PhD theses and book chapters.
  • Lecturer in charge of clinical practice in the Master’s Degree in Neurosciences and Pain at the University of Granada.
  • Director of the Business/University Chair in ozone therapy and chronic pain at the University of San Antonio de Murcia.
  • Speaker at numerous national and international congresses.
  • President of the XXIX National Congress of the Spanish Society of
  • Craniomandibular Dysfunction and Orofacial Pain.
  • President of the VII National Congress of the Spanish Society of Ozone Therapy.
  • Medical Director of Clinalgia (specialist clinics in chronic pain treatment).